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MultiChain Blockchain

We develop multichain blockchain applications with statistics streams, permissions, and off-the-shelf deployment options. With our Multichain Blockchain Development solutions, organizations can develop and deploy blockchain applications quickly.


Multichain Blockchain Development Services

Systems for simple
financial management

We create and implement redeemable asset solutions using Multichain properties like real-time automated reconciliation, rewards points, local currencies, and peer- to-peer asset trading. Additionally, we develop internal accounting system.

Provenance tracking

We Provide end-to-end tracking of expensive commodities, such as designer products and prescription medications, as well as archiving of bills and letters of credit using digital tokens. Digital tokens also serve as transaction authenticators, in addition to providing blockchain

Keeping records

We create shared databases by using unencrypted, encrypted, and hashed data for the storage and notarization of inter-organizational records, and for auditing conversations between institutions. Among their features are round-robin co.

Multiparty Aggregates

We Develop internal shared databases to facilitate the efficient exchange of verification data and prevent duplication of effort. Data from several independent sources can be combined using our solutions in a record management system handled jointly by several parties.


MultiChain Blockchain Development Company

Multi Chain technology allows users to create Private Blockchains that can be used internally within an enterprise to speed up financial transactions. Up to 1,000 transactions can be processed per second on a fully functional Multichain network. For developers, it provides a command-line interface and API for setting up and maintaining chains.

Basically, Multi Chain is a software platform that allows you to design your own Blockchain based on your business needs. Based on the Bitcoin Blockchain, Multi Chain has emerged as a crucial piece of web-based asset management software.


Blockchain Solutions For

The next wave of digital business is distributed ledger technology. Take advantage of it.

Tron MLM Software

Let's get on with it Ethereum and sovereign blockchains into a Polygon. With our help, you will be able to create open, robust, and scalabled Apps with excellent connectivity and flexibility to achieve higher ratings, modularity, and dominance without harming the environment..

Features of Multi Chain Blockchain Development

Multi Chain technology aims to provide customers with an easy-to-use tool that can provide the same functionality as bitcoins, but can also provide additional features that will benefit corporations. Connecting with other entities in the corporate network becomes easier with it. Multi-chain networks can be easily customized by describing how users interact with different entities on the chain. It's features :- 1. Management of data 2. Obtaining permission 3. Assets without limit 4. Efficient and fast



Multichain with versatility

We can provide cutting-edge services for multi-chain development to our clients based on our domain expertise. By paying attention to our customers’ needs, we provide industry-specific solutions.


The authentication process

Participant access to ledger visibility may be restricted by multi-chain development services. Due to this platform, the business can conduct transactions.


An interoperable system

It is inherently possible to integrate Polygon blockchains with Ethereum and other EVM blockchains. Consequently, you get enhanced cross-platform functionality and a good user experience.


Support for multiple industries

Multi-chain technology is not just used in finance. There are a number of sectors that can benefit from multichain development technology.


Multi-transaction support

Multi-chain allows users to execute thousands upon thousands of transactions simultaneously. Data can be scouted, requests approved, and assets can be validated using Multichain.


With Comfygen, businesses can see the entire blockchain landscape and its potential implications. With our design thinking-driven approach, we help you evaluate a blockchain solution from various perspectives, create proof-of-concepts and pilots, and implement the solution completely. We deliver end-to-end enterprise blockchain solutions with our expertise.

  • Solid application development skills
  • Understanding of blockchain technology
  • Familiarity with cryptography and security.
  • Cross-chain compatibility for versatility.
  • Scalability for high transaction volume.
  • Interoperability for seamless integration.