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Purplle Online Beauty Shopping

The Purplle app is a very pocket-friendly app with Beauty & Cosmetic products having various top brands such as Mamaearth, Good Vibes, Lakme, Maybelline, L’Oreal, Sugar & many more. Don’t worry if you change your mind after shopping. It happens. We’ll refund your payment in just 2 days! Shop products after reading authentic reviews on the app so you can be confident in your purchase

Kisanwala - The

Kisanwala, aim to make farmers self-reliant with modern day technology, information, high quality inputs, and support by providing customized solutions catering to the needs of each farm and farmer. Our farmer-centric digital tools are designed in a way to provide one-stop solution for all agri needs. We are providing all kind of Seeds, Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides, Crop Protectors, Plant growth Regulators available in best quality, Best price and doorstep delivery.

TangoRide - Carpooling

Join your neighbours and drive to save money. Tangoride is a real-time carpooling app that strengthens community connections through matching of drivers and passengers. A secure platform, identity verification, and ability to notify a close contact, are some of the safety features of TangoRide. By carpooling with TangoRide, you’ll reduce monthly commuting expenses, traffic congestion, and CO2 emissions. Good for your wallet, good for your community, good for the planet!

Getaround - Instant
Car Rental

Getaround makes carsharing easy! Instantly rent and unlock great cars nearby from your phone. Our carsharing platform provides millions of users with simple on-demand rentals, by the hour or day. Car owners can make $1,000s to offset the high costs of car ownership by sharing their cars on Getaround’s platform.

MyMood AI: AI Photo

Prepare to unlock the limitless potential of My Mood Ai's cutting-edge AI technology! Our versatile AI photo generator, also serving as an enhancer, editor, and picture generator, empowers you to effortlessly transform your selfies into photorealistic avatars. Think of it as having a professional photographer, AI art generator, avatar maker, and AI photo editor all in your pocket! is a car and motorcycle buying and selling platform that provides the best deals in the car market in Indonesia. Want to find your dream car? We can help! Working closely with a team of local experts and committed agents, Carmudi offers thousands of selected new and used cars from all over Indonesia and provides all the details you need to know about these vehicles. provides all the options you need. You can find vehicle models with our search feature, you can also find cars based on certain criteria such as brand, model, location, price, year, mileage, and so on!

Safelet – Safety

Safelet , the company behind the Safelet Bracelet. Safelet allows you to notify your friends, family and the police where you are and that you need help. With the Safelet App you can invite your friends and family to become your guardians who will be there for you when you need them. When you activate the alarm of your Safety Bracelet your guardians will receive a notification that you need help. When a guardian clicks on the notification they see a map with your location. The guardians that respond to the alarm will see each other on the map as they are moving to the location of the Safelet user.

U Paid M

We are on a mission to lift 1.5 billion people above the poverty line by eradicating banking and payment processing payment charges amounting today to $23 per year. Businessmen, open an account with us in 3 easy steps. That is all it takes to start transacting with your customers or suppliers.


HReactive Employee app can help employees stay informed, connected, and productive, while also making it easier for them to manage their HR needs and responsibilities. Easy Access to HR Information: Employees can easily access HR information and resources, such as their leave balances, benefits details, and training materials, on their mobile devices.

Dale3 Jo3ak

Dale3 Jo3ak is a platform that helps you find and order food from wherever you are. Install the mobile application, type in an address. we list the restaurants that deliver to that location, other user’s ratings. Base on your choice, we will deliver your food with our state of the art delivery system, you can track your meal as needed, and you will


MunchO makes your life easier when you plan to order your food online. Muncho is the latest in the industry and is catching up popularity with its one stop app interface. The app gives you an interface to view multiple nearby restaurants, digital menus, most recommended/favourite dishes, photos, user reviews so you can order your food quickly and conveniently. The application provides you with the following features:

GOGO Merchant

GOGO & Co Booking Service is 100% Cambodian owned food ordering & delivery company operating in Cambodia and connect you with a broad range of favorite restaurants and stores around you with a few clicks to explore and taste Khmer, Chinese, Western, Indian and much more cuisine in your fingertip. Improve people’s lives through innovation and technology in digital era together!


Count on AkiliApp to take you where you need to go with safety first. Got an appointment or need to pick up some groceries? We’ll match you with a suitable driver and you will be on your way in a few. If its mobility, it’s on the app. Choose your destination, find a ride in seconds, and pay with cash or directly in the app. It’s as simple as that.

Hinow - Private Video

Hinow is a wonderful online video chat app for you to chat with lots of talented Stars⭐ and new friends all over the world 🌐. One on One Video Chat, Random Video Chat and Text Chat connect with anyone from anywhere in the world with a single tap! It is a really easy and fast way to meet new people! Afraid of privacy problems during chatting? Hinow provide chat service with high privacy and security, professional and powerful privacy protection features allow you to enjoy video chat without worrying about any privacy exposure issues.


Roast is an app where you can have all kinds of witty and humorous content for every topic in the world. Also, you will stay updated with news while laughing hysterically. It integrates the power of very short text with visuals. The videos will be on cloud, so the app won't eat up your device space. Days are gone when you will be clueless about the world because news are boring.


Safe’O’Buddy is a one stop application, giving eyes of protection that manages, operates, tracks and secures your assets; be it for Vehicles, Doors, Shutters or Cabinets. Safe’O’Buddy Complete Security System is a totally unique product with enhanced security and tracking system. With tracker & security lock system user can see and regulate their assets on the app in just few clicks. We work continuously to upgrade and provide best security solutions to mitigate everyday problems regarding safeguarding your assets in the best possible manner.


This app will help you to manage your fleet and provide real time statistics and data to improve your vehicle efficiency. It provides your vehicle's live and history route and gives live digital, analog, trips and location based notifications. Updated on

Track Mee

Install this application on your employees Android phone and start tracking them. After installing this application press on TrackMe Button and then it displays if you are authorized to use this application or not. If you are not authorised please share the tracking ID with and we will help you in enabling the portal and other details.

Fitato: One Pass to


Kame Fitness

Kame Fitness Company powered by Nutriverse Health and Wellness Private Limited is a technology company enabling small, medium and big businesses in Health and Wellness industry. We provide our in house technological platform to people who own gyms, gym managers, personal trainers, physiotherapists to manage their clients and business in the best possible manner. We provide end to end solutions to all your client management needs delivering value with each touch.

Spryng - Muscle Recovery

Your road to muscle recovery starts now! The Spryng App to track progress and control your SPRYNG™ device. SPRYNG™ is a state-of-the-art compression therapy device that helps massage your calf muscles, improving blood circulation in your legs which in turn helps speed up recovery. Muscle recovery therapy can bring about amazing health improvements and improve the overall quality of your life.


Innermap is a timely new heart-centered App to help you find a mindful path to a happier life, no matter your age, color, or gender. It’s a roadmap for the heart and mind and a way of coming home to your authentic self. Founded by Mitra Manesh, mindfulness teacher, coach, and longtime practitioner, Innermap provides simple tools and expert guidance to unlock your Mindfulness Map from the inside out.


Boatyard connects boat owners to qualified and vetted boat service professionals. - Search for the boat service you need. If you don't see it on our menu, shoot us a request and we'll get to work to make it happen for you. - Schedule your service for a time that is convenient for you. - Pay securely from your smartphone. - Go back to your happy place instead of worrying about your boat.

Baromeeter: Your Party

Baromeeter is a 360-degree mobile platform enabling the youth to discover anything and everything related to 'Going-out'! For its members, Baromeeter provides exclusive deals and offers that can be pre-booked and availed at any bar, cafe, restaurant or club. Baromeeter is an all-in-one platform and therefore it has the following 3 features that seamlessly function together: